Maybe you want to learn to meditate, so let me introduce for you meditation techniques that will help you to quiet your mind, release painful thoughts and emotions, connect with your inner awareness, feel more peace and love in your life.

Meditation practice will change your life (and your brain) if you start to do it.



Do you:

- Feel stuck?

- Want to feel good, better?

- Need clarity with an important decision?

- Need to make a big change in your life?

- Want to develop your natural gifts?

- Need support in the middle of a crisis?

- Want help with a difficult relationship?

- Want to feel inspired and passionate?

- Love yourself more?

I coach you towards clarity, easier life, more joy and energy. With different techniques and tools you learn how to create a life you want and have been dreaming to live. Why wait? Contact me on mail info@jaanas.se or

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